Hi! I am:

I am 24 years old, by profession Network & System Engineer in the information technology branche.

My motto: "It doesn't matter how long you live, it just matters how you live your life."

What I do

In 2015 I turned my hobby into my profession and now I work as a network and system engineer in the information technology industry. Due to this profession I am now daily confronted with the construction of network and server environments, which constantly expands my knowledge.

My tasks

Here you can find out more and in detail what I do in IT and implement privately.


Server Scalability

High scalability is particularly advantageous in the area of cloud computing, as this ensures that the corresponding applications can be adapted as required.


Server Virtualization

Probably one of the main reasons to use virtualization: You can make better use of your existing hardware. Memory and CPU utilization is more constant and not only at peaks of the respective server.



IT security ranges from protecting individual files to securing data centers and cloud services. IT security is part of every planning and measure in IT and is fundamental for compliance.


Backup Solutions

Data backup is slowly establishing itself at companies for archiving. This minimizes the space for archiving immensely.

Current Info

Here you will always find the latest information about me and my current projects. Do you have any questions? Then send me a message using the contact form below.

  • Launch of the new website

    Launch of the new website is now done

    Launch of the new website

    Due to the constant expansion of knowledge regarding server and web development it is also necessary to expand and grow the web presence from time to time. The new website reflects my current level of knowledge.

    If you have any questions or if you want to contact me in general, please feel free to send me a message using the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Migration of the Web-/Mailsystem

    Migration of the Web-/Mailsystem is now done

    Migration of the Web-/Mailsystem

    I've now migrated all the Websites of the old Plesk to a new Webserver without the panel. All should now work faster then before.

    If you will have errors or something else send me a message with the contact form to deliver a fast response.

  • Migration of the Webserver

    Migration of the Webserver on a newer OS and System

    Migration of the Webserver

    Since the 4th the Webserver is on a new Virtual Machine with a newer OS and backend. We can see a much faster performance since the migration.

    If you will see some error or no access on pages you could visit before sent us a message with the contact form.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    💥 Root Cause Analysis from the 10th

    Root Cause Analysis

    Due to a misconfiguration, the ESX3 failed completely at 7:55am.
    During a hard disk upgrade, the system was destroyed.

    Together with the technicians on site, the problem was resolved at 12:49 pm.

    ❌Start of the failure: 7:55am - 10th.Mai.2020
    ✔️End of the failure: 12:49am - 10th.Mai.2020

    I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

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